Our Financing Options

We offer a range of finance and hire options for our sweepers and scrubbers. Please refer to your accountant or the Australian Taxation Office’s Guidelines for further guidance on which option best suits your business.

This is a contract agreement to purchase the equipment, requiring an initial deposit and the balance being paid in regular instalments over an agreed period. The final instalment or balloon payment at the end of term will result in transfer of title of the equipment.

This option is a finance option in the form of a loan which is secured by the asset, which you will own from the outset. Typical terms of up to five years, offer tailored loan repayments with the option of initial deposits and or final balloon payments. This option will generally offer a lower interest rate compared to unsecured loans along with flexible payment options and tax benefits.

We offer finance lease agreements where the financier is the legal owner for the duration of the lease. You have operating control over the equipment, with no commitment of purchasing at the end of term. You will have the option of buying the equipment outright by paying a residual amount, or to upgrade to the latest equipment with a new lease.

This option gives you the flexibility of long term equipment hire with monthly payments. We retain ownership of the equipment and you simply return the equipment at the end of term. An operating lease is seen as an operating cost for your business, removing the liability on your balance sheet. Terms range from 12-60 months and cover scheduled servicing and maintenance in one fixed monthly payment. 

If you have any questions or require more information on our Lease and Finance options, please contact us.